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The official structure created in 2009 was a non-profit organisation (vzw). The board of directors is composed as follows (autumn 2015):

Board of directors

The Board of Directors of the CMI has 13 members. These are all seasoned executives of academia (5), industry (5), government (3). In addition there are 4 Board observers from various government and industry organizations.

Members academia

  • Philippe Jorens (UZ Antwerpen): ad interim Chairman of the Board
  • Petra De Sutter (UZ Gent)
  • Daniel Pipeleers (VUB)
  • Wim  Robberecht (K.U.Leuven)
  • Pieter Stinissen (UHasselt)

Members industry

  • Kim Crijns (Janssen Pharmaceutica NV)
  • Andy De Deene (TromboGenics NV)
  • Erwin Sablon (Biocartis NV)
  • Jan Schrooten (Antleron)
  • Jef Pinxteren (ReGenesys)

Members government

  • Carine Boonen (Government of Flanders)
  • Veerle Compernolle (Government of Flanders)
  • Willem Descamps (Government of Flanders)

Board observers

  • Henk Joos (FlandersBIO vzw)
  • Michèle Oleo (Government of Flanders)
  • Elisabeth Monard (FWO)
  • Maarten Sileghem (IWT)

Operational daily management liaisons

  • Sofie Bekaert (Liaison Officer UGent/UZ Gent)
  • Nadine Ectors (Liaison Officer KUL/UZ Leuven)
  • Peter In’t Veld (Liaison Officer VUB/UZ Brussel)
  • Elke Smits (Liaison Officer UA/UZ Antwerpen)
  • Veerle Somers (Liaison Officer UHasselt)