Research platforms

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On the basis of the inventory of the existing biobanks and the needs of translational biomedical research, and within the thematic areas 5 disease-oriented, multidisciplinary Focus Biobanks with proven excellence were set up in order to develop knowledge and promote translational biomedical research in areas where Flanders has a strong research base.

These collections include:

  • Sudden cardiac death (coordinated by CRC Antwerpen)
  • Hepatotropic pathogens (coordinated by UZ Gent)
  • Diabetes (coordinated by UZ Brussel)
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (coordinated by UZ Leuven)
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (coordinated by U Hasselt)

The Focus Biobanks within the the Flemish Biobank Initiative have designed project plans through which high-quality historical and prospective samples and data (phenotypes) are being included in the Flemish Biobank in local LIMS systems and uploaded to the central catalogue based upon a limited set of minimal data (MDS) identifying samples in the overall database.