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The Flemish Biobank Initiative (formerly CMI), a non-for-profit organization,was officially founded in December 2009 through a collaborative effort between the Flemish Government, the Flemish Ministry of Economy and Scientific Affairs, the 5 Universities and de 4 university hospitals and representatives of the Healthcare Industry.

The initiative was partly funded via FFEU infrastructure funding (8 M EUR), an IWT (Institute for Science & Technology)  grant for operating costs (6.3 M EUR) and matching funds from the participating institutions.

The Flemish Biobank project has achieved important milestones (2013-2015):

  1. Harmonized Biobank infrastructure of >25,000L cryogenic capacity operational in each of the four CRCs.
  2. >30,000 human samples (cases) and associated (historical and prospective) data collected, the catalogue will by the end of 2015 contain >90,000 cases
  3. Proven research output (including scientific papers) and industrial valorization
  4. Proven use with > 5% of samples used each year
  5. Harmonized quality framework established and audited.
  6. Collaborative projects initiated