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Belgian nationwide Diabetes Biobank

The Diabetes Biobank contains different types of samples collected over the years since its foundation in 1989.

A Belgian nationwide network of physicians and researchers managed to gather and record over 100.000 samples, with accompanying relevant clinical data. Still to this day, the organization remains active and continues to feed the biobank with valuable data and samples. In the past, due to its extensive nature and unique focus (follow-up until the age of 40), data contained within the Diabetes Biobank has led to several important scientific publications and awards for its collaborators.

The Diabetes Biobank seeks to work together both with public and private partners to enhance its potential and make way for new applications as a translational research platform.

Focus points of the biobank

  • Newly diagnosed diabetic patients under the age of 40
  • Risk assessment of first degree relatives of type 1 diabetic patients through frequent follow-up
  • An extensive collection of pancreas tissue related to insulitis

Contents of the Diabetes Biobank

To know exactly what you can expect from the contents of the Diabetes Biobank, the best way is to ask the biobank itself by creating a query that will show you the collection for a specific situation of your choosing. You can access this tool here. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information or assistance for your queries.